— QuasarX.io is moving —

It is not easy to move one of the biggest creations in the universe, but this quasar in not like the others.

Our team has finally developed a MVP with full functionality and we are ready to announce our Presale on DXSale.

— Why DXSale? —
It is the safest for everyone, the most reliable and an easy platform. DXSale charges a fee for managing the presale, making sure the tokens to distribute are only in possession of DXSale, for a later immediate liquidity lock. This was already set and it CANNOT BE MODIFIED.

When will it take place? —
Wednesday April 5th at 12.00pm UTC.

— How can I participate? —
Remember that the maximum BNB we allow is 5BNB per wallet. We want to preserve the integrity and longevity of this quasar.

Website: https://www.quasarx.io/

Email: support@quasarx.io

Telegram: https://t.me/quasarxio

GitHub: https://github.com/QuasarXio

QuasarX.io is the first Leveraged High-Yield Farming Platform on BSC