Binance Smart Chain is a new expanding market. BSC came to fix the ETH current issues until ETH2.0 is released.

Fortunately we are facing a Bull Run since November 2020. The big question for Smart Contract traders is, what happens when the Bull Run is over?

Centralized exchanges are often offering the possibility of Leverage Trading. For those who are not familiar with this term, it basically means that one can borrow an asset in order to trade with a bigger amount than the ones owned.

Leverage requires a lending market so lenders give assets to the borrowers at a certain interest rate (which is usually daily and can go from 0.01 to 0.1% daily these days).

Borrowers will receive then a certain amount of assets borrowed at a certain daily interest rate. Now the fun begins…

Borrowers can either open trades with a multiplier on a growing asset or even on a SHRINKING asset. This way leverage traders can profit from both, bull markets and bear markets. But on Smart Chain, there was no possibility to access funding, lending and leveraging until now! offers a universe of lending to open Long and Short positions inside of the most famous swaps: PancakeSwap, JuleSwap, UniSwap and many others. will be first released on BSC (BEP-20) Network and then added to ERC-20 Network.

Lenders are able to offer their interest rate for a certain amount of asset in a decentralized marketplace, while Borrowers are able to pick the interest rate for a certain amount of that same asset.

All takes place inside of Smart Contracts, so nothing can escape QuasarX. Even though the assets can be used for trading outside our platform, the collateral taken for the lending protocol will keep funds SAFU at all times, regardless the market status.

Outside the conventional staking, farming and swapping, adding the leverage component in each one of these possibilities, NFT market will be open for our users. Allowing our users to do leveraged transactions, we will see a very high activity on the NFT’s buy/sell activity.

This is just the beginning, stay tuned for more information, presale of our token, opening of staking, farms, swapping and NFTs.




GitHub: is the first Leveraged High-Yield Farming Platform on BSC